Products sold on our website can return and refund within 7 days of receiving the product with terms and conditions below;

Terms and Conditions of Product Return
Products that meet the following conditions, we are happy to refund within 7 days.
• Damaged, broken products, not ready to use when reaching customers and believed to be damaged along the way or external packaging is damaged.
• The product does not work. Products that cannot be used as description described.
• The product does not match the description Or significantly different from description described.
• Wrong product delivery, loss, product does not match the information provided on the website.

How to return product
1. Customers can request a return via various channels by the contacts specified on the website, together with providing the details of order information, order number, and send a picture or document that shows the condition of the product you want to return and await the feedback from service department.
2. Customer returns the product to Bikers Group Company LimitedThe Bright Shopping Center, First Floor, B101-B102, Rama 2 Road, Tha Kham, Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok 10150
Please send by registered post or EMS that can track the parcel status as proof of refund.
3. The customer is responsible for issuing the initial shipping cost. Once the goods are delivered to us, the company will confirm and transfer money for goods and shipping back to the customer.

How to refund
After we receive the product, the customer will be refunded within 7 days.

• Customers paying by credit card we will issue a refund to the customer's credit card.
• Bank transfer customers, we will transfer the money back to the customer's bank account. The bank account name must match the name of the person who purchased the product.